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AutoWin Photo Resizer is a program which helps you resize, convert and compress your photos with extremely easy to use
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5 July 2010

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This software helps you resize photographs. It also does conversion and compression of photos, if required.

AutoWin Photo Resizer has a wizard interface that makes the operation simple. It does photo resizing, of course. But does convert and compress your photos also. Changing photos to different sizes and converting between different formats and compression to reduce file size/storage space are the main features available in this tool. Smaller size also helps in emailing your photos to friends and family too. You may want to conserve space on various devices you use every day, including those iPhone, iPod and other such portable players. Format conversions are also required often. This is one tool that can take care of all three types. With the interface operating in wizard fashion, there is no need for special knowledge.

As a first step the interface lets you create a batch list of files that you want to work with. Resizing can be specified as percentage of the original photo size. You are able to do the resizing in one of four different modes that are exact match height, exact match width, exact match both and best match both. Compression can be specified as compress to a specific file size or by a compression level given. The resultant file can be stored in one of several popular formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF etc. Command line entry is also available for experienced users. If you use these functions often, I have a feel many of us need these, give this tool a try. Looks like quite a handy one for the task.

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AutoWin Photo Resizer is a program which helps you resize, convert and compress your photos with extremely easy to use wizard user interface. If you want resize your photos to bigger or smaller pixel resolution, or convert your photos between popular image formats, or compress your photos to reduce the storage size, look no further than AutoWin Photo Resizer. AutoWin Photo Resize can help you: Reduce the image file size to fit website upload file size limits. Resize your photos for save more photos on your digital device like iPhone, iPod, PSP. Resize your photos so you can print more photos per paper. Convert your photos to other image formats so other application can open it. Reduce the image file size to save your web host bandwidth. Resize or reduce the file size of photos helps you email more photos and quickly AutoWin Photo Reiszer features: Wizard mode user interface with no computer experiences required. Resize photo by percent of original photo size. Resize photo by specific value you inputted with 4 different modes. Supports 4 different resize match modes: Exact match both Exact match width Exact match height Best match both Compress by compress level Compress to a specific file size you inputted Save and reuse profile for work with more photos using same configuration. Select files from Drag and Drop Select files from windows explorer (right menu) Select file from folder (include subfolders) Save output photos to most of popular image formats include jpg bmp png gif, etc
AutoWin Photo Resizer
AutoWin Photo Resizer
Version 3.0
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